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1 Toward an integrated modeling approach for production and delivery operations in flow shop system Trade-off between direct and routing delivery methods Journal of Manufacturing Systems 2017  Reza Ramezanian, Shahriar Mohammadi, Ali Cheraghalikhani
2 A location-inventory model considering a strategy to mitigate disruption risk in supply chain by substitutable products Computers & Industrial Engineering 2017 Maryam Farahani, Hassan Shavandi, Donya Rahmani
3 The application of DNPV to unlock foreign direct investment in waste-to-energy in developing countries Energy 2017 Ali Shimbar, Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
4 Blood supply chain network design under uncertainties in supply and demand considering social aspects Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review 2017 Reza Ramezanian, Zahra Behboodi
5 Extract critical factors affecting the length of hospital stay of pneumonia patient by data mining (case study an Iranian hospital) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 2017 Naghmeh Khajehali, Somayeh Alizadeh
6 A quadratic reproduction based Invasive Weed Optimization algorithm to minimize periodic preventive maintenance cost for series-parallel systems Computers & Industrial Engineering 2017 Ali Yahyatabar, Amir Abbas Najafi
7 Analysis of the essential factors for the adoption of mobile learning in higher education A case study of students of the University of Technology Telematics and Informatics 2017 Hodjat Hamidi, Amir Chavoshi
8 New mathematical model for the bi-objective inventory routing problem with a step cost function: A multi-objective particle swarm optimization solution approach Applied Mathematical Modelling 2017 Nooraddin Dabiri, Mohammad. J. Tarokhb, Mahdi Alinaghian
9 Understanding the relationship strengths in users activities review helpfulness and influence Computers in Human Behavior 2017 Rojiar Pir Mohammadiani, Shahriar Mohammadi, Zaki Malik
10 Production and distribution planning in petroleum supply chains regarding the impacts of gas injection and swap Energy 2017 Mohsen Farahani, Donya Rahmani
11 Word of mouth impact on the adoption of mobile banking in Iran Telematics and Informatics 2017 Daniel Mehrad, Shahriar Mohammadi
12 A bi-level school bus routing problem with bus stops selection and possibility of demand outsourcing Applied Soft Computing 2017 Seyed Parsa Parvasi, Mehdi Mahmoodjanloo, Mostafa Setak
13 A bi-objective incomplete hub location-routing problem with flow shipment scheduling Applied Mathematical Modelling 2018 Hossein Karimi, Mostafa Setak
14 Optimal production and distribution policies for a two-stage supply chain with imperfect items and price- and advertisement-sensitive demand: A note Applied Mathematical Modelling 2018 Mona Ahmadi Rad, Farid Khoshalhan, Christoph H. Glock
15 An efficient hybrid genetic algorithm for multi-product competitive supply chain network design with price-dependent demand Applied Soft Computing 2018 Amin Saghaeeian, Reza Ramezanian
16 A stochastic multi-objective location-allocation-routing problem for tire supply chain considering sustainability aspects and quantity discounts Journal of Cleaner Production 2018 Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
17 Sustainability risk management in the supply chain of telecommunication companies A case study Journal of Cleaner Production 2018 Fatemeh Valinejad, Donya Rahmani
18 An approach to develop the smart health using Internet of Things and authentication based on biometric technology Future Generation Computer Systems 2018 Hodjat Hamidi
19 Social Individual Technological and Pedagogical Factors Influencing Mobile Learning Acceptance in Higher Education A Case from Iran Telematics and Informatics 2018 Amir Chavoshi, Hodjat Hamidi
20 A model to analyze the effect of mobile banking adoption on customer interaction and satisfaction a case study of m-banking in iran Telematics and Informatics 2018 Hodjat Hamidi, Mehrdad Safareyeh
21 Analyzing the trade-off between CO2 emissions and passenger service level in the airline industry Mathematical modeling and constructive heuristic Journal of Cleaner Production 2018 Mahdi Jalalian, Saiedeh Gholami, Reza Ramezanian
22 Trade-off between the costs and the fairness for a collaborative production planning problem in make-to-order manufacturing Computers & Industrial Engineering 2018 Hamid Salamati-Hormozi, Zhi-Hai Zhang, Omid Zarei, Reza Ramezanian
23 Essential Factors for the Application of Education Information System Using Mobile Learning A case study of students of the university of technology Telematics and Informatics 2018 Hodjat Hamidi, Maryam Jahanshaheefard
24 Multi-period and multi-resource operating room scheduling under uncertainty A case study Computers & Industrial Engineering 2018 Mohammad Mahdi Vali-Siar, Saiedeh Gholami, Reza Ramezanian
25 Condition based maintenance policy for series-parallel systems through Proportional Hazards Model: A multi-stage stochastic programming approach Computers & Industrial Engineering 2018 Ali Yahyatabar, Amir Abbas Najafi
26 Efficient solution algorithms for a time-critical reliable transportation problem in multigraph networks with FIFO property Applied Soft Computing Journal 2019 Hamid Tikani, Mostafa Setak
27 Designing a hub location model in a bagasse-based bioethanol supply chain network in Iran (case study: Iran sugar industry) Biomass and Bioenergy 2019 Mahdi Saadati, Seyed Javad Hosseininezhad
28 Estimation of the profiles in posteriori ELECTRE TRI: A mathematical programming model Computers & Industrial Engineering 2019 Reza Ramezanian
29 Risk averse sourcing in a stochastic supply chain: A simulation-optimization approach Computers & Industrial Engineering 2019 Mojtaba Hajian Heidary, Abdollah Aghaie
30 Support vector machine with Dirichlet feature mapping Neural Networks 2018 Ali Nedaie, Amir Abbas Najafi
31 Testing the adaptive market hypothesis as an evolutionary perspective on market efficiency: Evidence from the crude oil prices Finance Research Letters 2019 Majid Mirzaee Ghazani, Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
32 A five-dimensional approach to sustainability for prioritizing energy production systems using a revised GRA method: A case study Renewable Energy 2019 Mehri Ebrahimi, Donya Rahmani
33 Modeling patient's value using a stochastic approach: An empirical study in the medical industry Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 2019 Mohammad Jafar Tarokh, Mahsa EsmaeiliGookeh
34 Addressing a set of meta-heuristics to solve a multi-objective model for closed-loop citrus supply chain considering CO2 emissions Journal of Cleaner Production 2019 Emad Roghanian, Armin Cheraghalipour
35 Green permutation flowshop scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times: a case study International Journal of Production Research 2019 Reza Ramezanian, Mohammad Mahdi Vali-Siar and Mahdi Jalalian
36 An integrated framework of genetic network programming and multi-layer perceptron neural network for prediction of daily stock return: An application in Tehran stock exchange market Applied Soft Computing Journal 2019 Reza Ramezanian, Arsalan Peymanfar, Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
37 A bi-level stochastic optimization model for reliable supply chain in competitive environments Hybridizing exact method and genetic algorithm Applied Mathematical Modelling 2019 Mostafa Setak, Fariba Feizizadeh, Hamid Tikani, Elham Shaker Ardakani
38 Mean-conditional value at risk model for the stochastic project scheduling problem Computers & Industrial Engineering 2020 Fatemeh Rezaei, Amir Abbas Najafi, Reza Ramezanian
39 A new hybrid model for forecasting Brent crude oil price Energy 2020 Hooman Abdollahi, Seyed Babak Ebrahimi
40 Joint decision on product greenness strategies and pricing in a dual-channel supply chain A robust possibilistic approach Journal of Cleaner Production 2020 Donya Rahmani, Moein Qaisari Hasan Abadi, Seyed Javad Hosseininezhad
41 Integration of carrier selection and supplier selection problem in humanitarian logistics Computers & Industrial Engineering 2020 Milad Ghorbani, Reza Ramezanian
42 A constrained multi-period robust portfolio model with behavioral factors and an interval semi-absolute deviation Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 2020 Mostafa Abdolahi Moghadam, Seyed Babak Ebrahimi, Donya Rahmani
43 Bi-objective optimization approach to a multi-layer location-allocation problem with jockeying Computers & Industrial Engineering 2020 Amir Eshaghi Chaleshtori, Hamed Jahani, Abdollah Aghaie
44 Identifying multi-channel value co-creator groups in the banking industry Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 2020 Monireh Hosseini, Sepideh Shajari, Mina Akbarabadi
45 A two-stage stochastic programming approach for non-cooperative generation maintenance scheduling model design International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems 2020 Atefeh Hassanpour, Emad Roghanian
46 Hybrid evolutionary algorithms and Lagrangian relaxation for multi-period star hub median problem considering financial and service quality issues Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2021 Hamid Tikani, Reza Ramezanian, Mostafa Setak, Tom Van Woensel
47 Multi-objective periodic cash transportation problem with path dissimilarity and arrival time variation Expert Systems With Applications 2021 Hamid Tikani, Mostafa Setak, Emrah Demir
48 A simulation-based optimisation framework for process plan generation in reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMSs) in an uncertain environment International Journal of Production Research 2021 Amirhossein Kazemisaboor, Abdollah Aghaie, Hamed Salmanzadeh
49 Multi-Objective Multi-Skill Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Under Time Uncertainty International Journal of Fuzzy Systems 2021 Arman Ghamginzadeh, Amir Abbas Najafi, Mohammad Khalilzadeh
50 Open-shop production scheduling with reverse flows Computers & Industrial Engineering 2021 Saba Aghighi, Seyed Taghi Akhavan Niaki, Esmaeil Mehdizadeh, Amir Abbas Najaf
51 A new correlated polyhedral uncertainty set for robust optimization Computers & Industrial Engineering 2021 Hamed Daneshvari, Rasoul Shafaei
52 A bi-objective simulation-based optimization algorithm for redundancy allocation problem in series-parallel systems Expert Systems With Applications 2021 Amirhossein Chambari, Parham Azimi, Amir Abbas Najaf
53 Reliability monitoring of systems with cumulative shock-based deterioration process Reliability Engineering and System Safety 2021 Yousof Shamstabar, Hamid Shahriari, Yaser Samimi
54 A risk-constrained time-dependent cash-in-transit routing problem in multigraph under uncertainty European Journal of Operational Research 2021 Hamid Tikani, Mostafa Setaka, Emrah Demir
55 Simulation-based priority rules for the stochastic resource-constrained net present value and risk problem Computers & Industrial Engineering 2021 Fatemeh Rezaei, Amir Abbas Najafi, Reza Ramezanian, Erik Demeulemeester
56 Multi-modal urban transit network design considering reliability: multi-objective bi-level optimization Reliability Engineering and System Safety 2021 Amir Hossein Barahimi, Alireza Eydi, Abdolah Aghaie
57 A novel Markovian queueing-inventory model with imperfect production and inspection processes: A hospital case study Computers & Industrial Engineering 2021 Amir Aghsami, Yaser Samimi, Abdollah Aghaei
58 Cryptocurrencies, gold, and WTI crude oil market efficiency: a dynamic analysis based on the adaptive market hypothesis Financial Innovation 2021 Majid Mirzaee Ghazani, Mohammad Ali Jafari
59 Sustainable، resilient and responsive mixed supply chain network design under hybrid uncertainty with considering COVID-19 pandemic disruption Sustainable Production and Consumption 2022 Mohammad Mahdi Vali-Siar, Emad Roghanian
60 Optimizing profit and reliability using a bi-objective mathematical model for oil and gas supply chain under disruption risks Computers & Industrial Engineering 2022 Seyed Babak Ebrahimi, Ehsan Bagheri
61 A multi-objective Cross Entropy-based algorithm for Sustainable Global Food Supply Chain with Risk Considerations: A Case Study Computers & Industrial Engineering 2022 Fateme Kalantari, Seyed Javad Hosseininezhad
62 Solving a parallel-line capacitated lot-sizing and scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup time/cost and preventive maintenance by a rolling horizon method Computers & Industrial Engineering 2022 Mahyar Alimian, Vahidreza Ghezavati, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Reza Ramezanian
63 Competitive multiple allocation hub location problem considering primary and backup routes Computational and Applied Mathematics 2022 Sina Khodaee, Emad Roghanian, Nader Ghaffarinasab
64 Balancing traffic flow in the congested mass self-evacuation dynamic network under tight preparation budget: An Australian bushfire practice Omega 2022 Maryam Afkham, Reza Ramezanian, Shahrooz Shahparvari
65 COVID-19 vaccine distribution planning using a congested queuing systemA real case from Australia Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review 2022 Hamed Jahani, Amir Eshaghi Chaleshtori, Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Khaksar, Abdollah Aghaie, Jiuh-Biing Sheu
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